Fee Schedule

Exterior Visual Inspection:

Covers the integrity of the house and screen enclosure, landscaping and lawn condition, integrity of the windows and doors, water level in the pool, pest infestation, evidence of water leaks on home surface and around spigots.

Interior Visual Inspection:
Inspect for signs of theft, vandalism or damage, integrity of all doors and windows, proper functioning of the security system and air conditioning system, operation of all faucets, flushing all toilets, check for water damage and mold around ceilings, walls, windows, faucets, showers and under cabinets, pest infestation, water indoor plants, functioning refrigerator and any evidence of tripped breakers.


                        Weekly: $80/ Month
Premium:                             Twice/ Month $50/ Month
Basic:                                    Once/ Month   $30/ Month

Referral Discount

We are sincerely grateful for all of our customer referrals.  To show our appreciation, we offer a $20 discount on your current or future service contract when your referral becomes a new customer.

Additional Services

Pre-Storm and Post-Storm Inspections:
$30/ hour,  $10 each additional ½ hour

Storms during the summer months can be quite violent, causing damage to homes and property from high winds, heavy rain, flooding and lightning.  Essential home systems, security, air conditioning, electrical, pool, can be damaged or de-energized by power outages or surges.  Five Star Home Watch LLC will send out an alert e-mail if there is a Tropical Storm or Hurricane Warning for the area.  At your request we will check on your home pre-storm to make sure that shutters are down (if already installed), furniture is inside and perform any other requests you might have.  Post-storm, we will inspect your property for damage to the house, screen enclosure, pool and surrounding lawn and landscaping.  Photos will be taken and a report sent to the owner.

Opening Services:
$30/ hour,  $10 each additional ½ hour

Turn on main water, electrical breakers, hot water tank, ice maker, water to the washer, adjust A/C, open blinds, take out lanai furniture, freshen bathrooms and provide groceries.

Closing Services:
$30/ hour,  $10 each additional ½ hour

Turn off main water, empty and turn off icemaker, close blinds, adjust A/C, empty perishables from the refrigerator, unplug any electrical items, turn off breaker to hot water heater, bring in any trash receptacles, bring in lanai furniture and check the integrity of all doors and windows.

Meet Service Providers, Deliveries:
$20/ hour

If there are any other services that you require, such as changing the A/C filter, removing your mail or starting and running your vehicles, I would be willing to discuss them with you at the initial visit.